Fix your cracked, bleeding, painful fingers

and eliminate sore and cracked heels and elbows

Developed by an avid outdoorsman, tested in the field, a miracle cure to many......

Read these exciting comments by our delighted customers.....

I started using the hard core hand cream about a month ago and am very impressed with the results! Your product is working wonders on my dry skin problem.
I'd like to inquire about the possibility of becoming a distributor or perhaps purchasing the product wholesale, in bulk.
I can be contacted as indicated below.
Thank you for your consideration,
--SC  Emailed January 2010



I received a can of your product and found it to be almost magic. Even though it's 3 years old it still is the best thing I've ever used. Can you tell me where to get some more? Thanks for your time. J.H. Email Received 11/2010


To Dick Pinney:

I would like to order two Hard Core Hand Cares (one Original Scent and one New England Woods Scent). I have enclosed a check. This is the only stuff I've found that works on my hands and I have tried almost every over-the-counter product. It is so good that even my wife uses it on her eczema instead of her prescription medicine. Thanks, PK Pepperell, MA



Email Received on August 9, 2010

Hard Cord Hand Care is the best product on
the market?and not just for hands.

It works on feet as well as arms and legs that get  dried out during the winter months, and smells great too! I order multiple containers
at a time, and spread the joy of this product to family, friends and co-workers! I highly recommend everyone use it.


I recently received a sample of the Hard Core Hand Care from a friend at work and it is by far the most effective product Iíve ever used for my dry cracked hands. I just came back from a week of ice fishing in northern Maine, between my son & I we went through 13 dozen shiners in 5 ?days of fishing so we constantly had our hands in and out of ice cold water and you know what that means. I used your product several times daily and never had so much as one split, typically if I fished one day without HCHC I would be using Krazy Glue to repair my fingers Monday morning. Absolutely the best hand care product Iíve ever used, thanks!  M.P. Sutton, MA, January 2012

Hard Core Hand Care can
help you with your problem chapped hands and split skin
Only $7.99 Click Here to go to ordering page....

To whom it May Concern:

I am a 67  year old man who for the last 3 months has had a problem with chapped and raw finger tips and fingers. I was referred to a dermatologist. He put me on a prescription drug of Clobetasol .05% and Protopic Ointment .1%. After a month of applying the 2 ointments 3 times a day I went back and showed him it wasn't working. He then prescribed another ointment , called halog .1%. After trying all these prescriptions and still having the problem persist I went on the internet and thought I'd give your product a try.
I received it on the 12th of December 2009. I started using it twice a day, the day I received it. Today is the 17th of December 2009 and my problem is all but gone. I still can't believe that this product works so fast, and it's not a prescription. I noticed a significant difference after the 2nd day. I plan on visiting my dermatologist and telling him about your outstanding product. Feel free to use this endorsement in your ad. You have sold a great product at a reasonable price.
--DK, received via email


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