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Made with only pure and natural olive oil, lanolin, beeswax, and high quality essential oils, Hard Core Hand Care is designed for the person who spends alot of time in the outdoors or at any job where tough work with hands is the norm. This sturdy formula will cure even the most stubborn finger cracks and dry hands, feet, and elbows. We hear from commercial drivers that it relieves and improves "Driver's Finger Cracks." As well, we hear from diabetics who have painful dry skin and have tried every prescription possible. After a couple days of use, they see huge improvement and relief.


We recommend twice a day application, but in severe cases use it several times throughout the day. Nighttime application is also recommended. Comes in a durable round tin. The solid round of product is designed to be removed from the tin for each use and then to be returned to the container. Net weight is 2 ounces. It lasts for a long, long time--some people claim that one tin lasts them an entire year!


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Choose from 4 Great Fragrances!

  • Lemon & Lavender is our original scent, composed of therapeutic essential oils

  • Anise is a time honored scent used by sport and commercial fishermen as an attractant and cover scent

  • New England Woods is for those who love the smell of pine, spruce, fern and moss

  • Seabreeze is a fresh reminder of an invigorating day on the ocean

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Hard Core Hand Care!

We're not making things up about this salve. Our customers come to us after trying EVERYTHING with no luck. Many times, they see improvement after two days of use.


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Other Amazing Uses

for Hard Core Hand Care...

  • It works as a hair conditioner; Use it to spike up your flat top!

  • Apply it immediately after a superficial burn, it will give both instant pain relief and long term healing.

  • This salve is also a great black fly and mingie repellant.

  • Use it as an emergency lubricant or rust repellent

  • Restores and rehabs leather boots and even improves old leather furniture.

  • Use on your dog's foot pads to restore and protect

  • Will make your dry line float better than the wimpy expensive stuff. Also, use it to clean, lube and protect your fly line

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